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About the Designer

MarAlonzo"Fashion is our own sense of style . . . a reflection of our personality. For me, it means feeling comfortable, sensual, classy — not just in clothing, but in thoughts, as well. Through fashion, you can express your thoughts, emotions and, above all, your creative inner self.

Fashion is art! It can tell so many stories.

It's who you are . . . .

And who you wish to be . . . ."

MarAlonzo - Designer/Artist

From his earliest days as a gifted fashion designer in his native Los Angeles - home to Hollywood glamour, fabulous flair and over-the-top style - MarAlonzo always follows his heart and his instinctive talent for capturing styles that are Sensually Conservative. Smart. Colorful. Modern. Inspirational. Never considering himself a traditional fashion designer, but simply an artist, his original creations spring from breathtaking visions of enchanting colors and free-flowing beauty, which he spins into sheer magic with his form-fitting designs and exquisite fabrics.

A self-professed romantic, MarAlonzo captures the classic elegance of the 40's and 50's and infuses it into exceptionally fresh looks designed for the bold free spirit of today's modern woman. He credits his unique style to the influence of strong, intelligent women: Leaders and independent thinkers who dare to dream and reach for the stars. Fascinating women that embrace life's challenges with an alluring mystique . . . and an eternal beauty that shines from within.

MarAlonzo fashions are truly wearable works of art . . . Designed to transform your ordinary day or special occasion into something quite Magical. Mystical. And altogether Extraordinary.


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