Book Your Home Fashion Show Today!


Book a Show:

  • Fabulous designer-label runway entertainment, free of charge, in your home*
  • Expert tailored fitting on show day to assure perfect fit of MarAlonzo's garment
  • Customization of styles may be accommodated in some instances
  • 50% discount on orders placed at Home Show - Direct home delivery in 2 weeks

MarAlonzo will bring the glitz and glamour of a designer-label fashion show, free of charge, into the privacy of your home.* Complete with live models and a full fashion runway, we roll out the red carpet for your guests upon arrival, including celebrity-style photos with professional backdrop and lighting.

You provide the beverages and hors d'oeuvres — We take care of everything else!


Here's how it works:


  1. Invite friends and family to your home* for an afternoon or evening of elegant fun and fashion. We can even send professional invitations on your behalf and keep track of who is coming!
  2. Guarantee a minimum attendance of 10 ladies for the red-carpet affair.
  3. Secure the desired time-slot for your fashion show with a $100 good faith deposit, fully refundable the day of the show.
  4. Sit back with your guests and enjoy the show!



  1. Provide full set-up for a 2-hour designer-label fashion show, which includes:
  • Red carpet rolled out as your guests make their entrance
  • Welcome stand up banner at the front door
  • Professional back-drop and lighting for celebrity-style photos - which we will send to your guests, free of charge. Plus, they can take their own pictures to share on Facebook and other social media
  • Full fashion runway set up in your home, complete with stage and catwalk. (You provide the seating.)
  • Up to 3 professional models
  • Chic selection of MarAlonzo garments in an elegant array of fab styles and exquisite colors
  • Our own designer will be present to showcase his garments and describe his creative process
  • A very nice surprise for hostess . . . . We can't tell you what this is!
  1. We will need a separate room for fitting – preferably adjunct to runway room. We will prepare a private fitting area onsite where our expert fitter can take precise tailored measurements for any MarAlonzo designer garments ordered at the show
  2. Extend a 50% discount for any orders placed at the show
  3. Disassemble and whisk away all fashion show trappings, leaving your home in its original condition, just as we found it!


*Your home must be mid-size or larger and able to accommodate our fashion runway setup,

which includes stage & catwalk - (You provide the seating for your guests) — 10 ladies minimum per show